Top Dogs, Best of Milford High School Football

Milford Bulldogs high school football team Texas

Milford Bulldogs (Brandi Parks / BrandiLoo Photography)

Friday, Sept. 29th

Here are some of the stats for the top performing players of the Milford High School Bulldogs after their game against the Aquilla Cougars on Friday. The team is coached by Ronny Crumpton.

Taron Smith
11-193-2 rushing, 13-17-265-7 passing, 10 tackles

Corbin Schrotke
19 tackles, 1 FR, 4 catches 50 yards receiving, 3-4-36 passing

Ricky Pendleton
5-81-1 receiving, 15 tackles, 1 INT

James McIntyre
2-55-1 receiving, 10 tackles, 1 INT, 1 FR

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