Texas 6-Man Football, ‘The Undefeated’ Week 5

Texas Flag


White Deer (Bucks) 5–0

McLean (Tigers) 5–0

Happy (Cowboys) 4–0

Lorenzo (Hornets) 6–0

Borden County (Coyotes) 5–0

Buena Vista (Longhorns) 4–0

Marfa (Shorthorns) 4–0

Medina (Bobcats) 5–0

Zephyr (Bulldogs) 5–0

May (Tigers) 5–0

Tioga 5–0

Union Hill (Bulldogs) 4–0


Milford (Bulldogs) 4–0

Silverton (Owls) 4–0

Balmorhea (Bears) 4–0

Blackwell (Hornets) 5–0

Strawn (Greyhounds) 4–0


Great work by sixmanfootball.com compiling all the data, be sure to visit their site.

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