Interview with Coach Ronny Crumpton of the Undefeated Milford Bulldogs

Milford Bulldogs high school football team Texas

The Victorious Milford Bulldogs (Brandi Parks / BrandiLoo Photography)

The Milford Bulldogs kept their undefeated record (5–0) safely intact on Friday night after besting the Aquilla Cougars on their home field 64–28.

Coach Crumpton didn’t seem to be in the best of moods even after winning and admitted that the officiating early on had thrown his players off balance and it took some time to readjust.

The Cougars kept it closer than many thought it would be only trailing the Bulldogs 28–14 with 7:50 to go in the 3rd Quarter before the Bulldogs lunged safely out of reach.

DTRB: Even though you were favored in tonight’s game, Aquilla has been unpredictable, and they’ve been known to suddenly take out better teams. Did you have to make any special adjustments to prepare for that possibility?

Ronny Crumpton: We didn’t because I have found that we need to concentrate on what we do. As the game goes we take what they give us and try to capitalize on it. We are very versatile in what we do. 50/50 run pass. The defense just needs to remember their assignments and we should be in a position to make plays, then it is up to the kids to make them.

DTRB: Staying undefeated can be an extra burden for the players and even a distraction. How did you keep your players in the “present” tonight?

Ronny Crumpton: We approach it like it is another day at the office. Our play is usually held to a different standard. Most approach a game like last night trying to build it up, but we expect to always be in that position. Night after night people we judge their season at how they play us. We always tell them that we are our biggest obstacle, so get out of the way and have fun and enjoy the moment.

DTRB: Any key plays that stood out as game changers or momentum reversals?

Ronny Crumpton: We started attacking them on offense and running the ball a bit more. You can dish out just as much punishment blocking as you can tackling and we started to do that. Most of the first half we played with our backs against the wall, so when we created some space for ourselves and just settled down we were able to get in a groove. Getting to halftime not playing like we can and being up helped us regroup.

Coming into Friday night’s game, coach Crumpton’s squad boasted four players in the “Top Performers of Week 4” list at against Wylie Prep:

120 yds – Taron Smith
97 yds – Corbin Schrotke
86 yds – James McIntyre
82 yds – Taron Smith
69 yds – Ricky Pendleton
50 yds – Corbin Schrotke
47 yds – James McIntyre
121 yds – James McIntyre
2 – Taron Smith

Coach Josh Ball’s Cougars had three players making the list against Avalon:

14 – Jacob Felan
192 yds – Jacob Felan
4 – Jacob Felan
3 – Zack Winder
15 – Jacob Felan
14 – Alex Sosa
12 – Zack Winder

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