Get Your NCAA Football Season Off to a Great Start!

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If you’re as excited as I am about the 2017 College Football Season, then you’re probably champing at the bit to get in on the action. However, in your zeal to get your money moving, take a minute to go over these simple reminders that will help get you off to a profitable start.

First off, as exciting as it is, there’s no reason to rush in and bet every game that initially strikes your fancy. The worst thing you can do after a long hibernation is to start impulsively laying down cash. At best you’ll rethink your bets a few days later and be forced to eat the vig by having to cover the other side, or you’ll let them stand and just straight-up suffer losses.

So go ahead and check off your list of picks but refrain from laying any money down. Instead, spend a few days culling it down. Looking at yesterday’s picks will give you more clarity and frankly, they might not look as good as they did with a fresh pair of eyes in today’s light.

Shave down the list by tossing out the weaker picks until you’re only left holding your strongest ones — the ones you are most confident about. Then and only then, is it time to start placing your bets.

On the flipside of that coin, getting in early can have its advantages. At the start of the season, the casinos won’t have the kind of data to draw from that they will as the season progresses and the games become more predictable. So, if you’ve done your homework, you might have a jump on them. Look carefully and you might just find some good value picks before the house gets warmed up, so to speak. But again, unless you’re fearful that your great odds will wither away with each passing minute, there’s no reason to rush it

Now, you might have already learned this lesson, but since it’s a new season it won’t hurt to be reminded: Don’t let your heart rule your head when it comes to betting your favorite teams.

Loyalties to teams at the collegiate level exhibit a particular fervor that often times are unmatched at the professional level. So be wary of letting any such bias creep in to infect your betting strategy. If you have a special place in your heart for a team and you can’t break your emotional ties enough to bet against them, simply make a vow to sit those games out. Your bankroll will thank you.

Speaking of emotional fervor, let’s face it, college players are well coached and look like physically developed adults, but many are still just teenagers. And certainly, none are stone-cold professionals yet. They are still amateurs prone to making exaggerated plays at both ends of the spectrum.

Crazy plays or crazy mistakes you might never see in the NFL can cause huge momentum swings in these games. So, if you start out losing a few due to these anomalies, it’s not reason enough to throw your betting strategy out the window. Just reevaluate your losses and look for any wild emotional swings. Those kinds of things are just as likely to go your way the next time so hang in there.

However, the first games of the season can be tricky for anyone, so there’s no shame in sitting them out if you’re having trouble getting a handle on things. It’s pointless to be taking action for action’s sake.

Momentum is key and there’s no reason to start the season off in the red when you can become more selective with your picks from the outset. So, make it a goal to get off to a strong start right out of the gate.

Happy wagering!

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